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Trademarks are our bread and butter, but we fully understand that entrepreneurs have many other legal needs. Our clients can be confident that we are trusted partners in their overall business success, ready to assist with a wide variety of legal challenges that may arise on their business journeys. 

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Who We Assist

With the exception of copyright projects, the services listed on this page are primarily geared toward small businesses located in New York where Attorney Faith Mitton is licensed. We assist clients outside of New York with business law needs on a case-by-case basis in line with attorney ethics rules.

What We Do

Business Set-Up

We help new entrepreneurs build a solid legal foundation for their businesses by setting up limited liability companies.

Copyright Filings

We help entrepreneurs to protect their artistic creations and their original content  by filing copyright registrations. 

DMCA Takedowns

We help entrepreneurs get infringing content removed from the Internet, based on their copyright rights.

Business Contracts

We help entrepreneurs draft, negotiate, and review the agreements that establish and govern their business relationships.

Business Dissolution

We help business owners take the appropriate legal steps to  dissolve their legal entities when a particular business journey has come to an end.

General Counsel

We provide ongoing assistance to business owners via monthly, flat-fee plans so that they have on-demand  access to legal help when needed.

The first step you should take as a new entrepreneur is to form a legal entity, such as a corporation or limited liability company (LLC).  Forming an entity is what people usually mean when they say you should “register” or “incorporate” your business. 

In addition to protecting your personal assets by creating legal separation between you and your business, running your business through an entity (instead of on an individual basis) makes it possible for you to get some tax benefits that allow you to keep more of the money you make. Once you form an entity, there are steps you must take on an ongoing basis to keep your entity active. Mitton Law can help you select the right entity for your business, file the legal paperwork to set it up, and maintain it.

copyright registration

Every content creator should be aware of the power of a federal copyright registration. Copyright law is a set of legal principles about the ownership of original creations, such as courses, books, designs, photos, websites, & articles, among other things.

While copyright protection attaches to an original creative work the very instant it exists in some tangible format, the greatest copyright protection comes from filing copyright registrations with the U.S. Copyright Office. These government filings create a public, legal record that you created and own all rights to your content which helps you address content thieves in the following ways:

  • Copyright registration protects you in all 50 U.S. states, and even internationally in some cases.
  • Copyright registration gives you a legal superpower: it makes it possible to sue content thieves for infringement – and if you win, it’ll force them to pay you money for stealing from you and reimburse you for any legal fees you had to pay for hauling them into court.
  • Copyright registration also gives you the ability to get infringing content removed from the Internet, without the expense of filing & winning a lawsuit.

So if content creation is the key to how you earn money and you haven’t filed copyright registrations for your most profitable content, there’s no better time than right now to get that squared away. Because in the Internet era – you’re just a screenshot, download, or copy + paste away from having your work plagiarized.

You’ve found out that someone has stolen your copyrighted work and has posted it online as if it were their own. Before you follow-through with that urge to locate and drop-kick this content thief, you should know there is a safer, less aggressive option to deal with this the legal way!

Sure, you could send a cease and desist letter to the offending party – but a good outcome for you requires that they actually cease and desist. But what if they continue in their thieving ways? Do you have to go through the expense and hassle of suing them in court? There must be a better option!

Luckily, the Digital Millennium Copyright  Act (DMCA) provides the exact remedy you need. Because so much copyright infringement occurs on the Internet, this law was passed to give copyright owners the ability to get infringing content taken down without the headache of filing a lawsuit. Most importantly, it doesn’t require any approvals to be given or action to be taken by the offending party because third-party service providers (like search engines, website hosts, and website operators) bear responsibility for removing infringing content when they are notified of its existence on their platforms. The notice that service providers receive must meet certain legal requirements under the DMCA in order to be effective. But having content removed by these third-party providers is known in the legal world as a DMCA takedown.

Contracts are the lifeblood of every business, whether they are website agreements, client agreements, vendor agreements, or some other type of contract. A solid contract helps you manage expectations by clarifying the nature of the relationship between the parties and the responsibilities of each party. Solid contracts also provide safeguards to protect you when things do not go as expected.

While the temptation may be strong to download contract templates from the Internet, the savviest entrepreneurs understand the benefit of having agreements that are customized to their needs, drafted by an attorney who understands the specific risks they may experience and how to protect against them. You may also be presented with service contracts from other providers that you need help to review and revise. Mitton Law provides the custom contract drafting and reviewing services you may require to protect yourself when developing business relationships

Ending a particular business journey may occur for various reasons. An entrepreneur may be moving on to a new project, retiring, ending a partnership, returning to full-time employment, or something else. No matter what your exit strategy is, there are important legal steps to observe when dissolving a corporation or LLC.

First, the business must be wound down – creditors must be paid first, after which any remaining capital may be distributed to the business owner(s). Filings must also be made at the state level to formalize the dissolution. Other steps should also be taken. Navigating this process alone may result in some necessary steps being overlooked. Ensure that you dissolve your entity correctly by working with an experienced corporate attorney. Mitton Law stands ready to assist you in closing this chapter as an entrepreneur.


Every visionary entrepreneur knows that legal issues crop up at every corner in the course of pursuing their goals. When there are a million things on your plate, the last thing you want to do is rummage through countless articles online trying to find the answers to a legal question. It would be so helpful to have a legal advisor who is in your corner and who you can trust to point you in the right direction.

Mitton Law offers the Stress Less Subscription to give our clients to have on-demand access to legal help. The services in our plans range from quick answers to legal questions to in-depth legal projects done for you by the attorney. Having these services at your disposal ensures that you do not ignore difficult legal issues which could become costly to fix in the future.

Why Choose Mitton Law?

Figuring out which attorney to hire can be challenging when there are so many options. Here are some things to consider when evaluating whether to work with us. Our clients have chosen us because of our:


Few things are worse for clients than having a lawyer who they don’t understand. When we communicate with or create a work product for our clients, we aim to be as clear and thorough as possible so that we leave no questions unanswered.


Budgeting for legal services can be a challenge when you work with an attorney who only bills hourly. It’s almost impossible to determine how much a particular project will cost you. But we prioritize the use of flat fees so that our clients know exactly what to expect in terms of costs.


Even with flat fees, we know that high-quality legal representation may seem inaccessible to some clients with restricted budgets. We understand cash flow challenges & offer flexible payment plans that allow our clients to break up the payment of fees into manageable chunks that work for them.


Our clients are trailblazers, charting their own course through new terrain. We provide innovative solutions to their legal issues & inventive strategies for their operations. Plus, we’re always seeking new ways to practice law & help our clients.


In the DIY legal age, it can be hard to know who to trust. But instead of working with some faceless corporation,  our clients know exactly who their attorney is & what her credentials are, so they can be confident that they are receiving the best possible legal representation.


Gone are the days when you had to meet your attorney in person & exchange paper documents. We believe in using industry-leading technology to create a seamless client experience. Our clients can communicate with us confidentially & access their case file from any Internet-connected device through our client portal.

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