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At Mitton Law, we value transparency. That’s why we make our rates available for public viewing. While our core services center around trademarks and are available to entrepreneurs across the country, our Managing Attorney is an experienced business lawyer who also provides counsel & representation for a wide range of legal issues.

Below, a “Legal Fee” refers to the fees paid to secure the attorney’s services, whereas an “Expense” refers to the other costs necessary to complete the legal work, such as government filing fees.

We’ve attempted to make this listing of rates as comprehensive as possible, but there may be certain services we provide which are not listed. If you have questions about our services or rates, please feel free to Contact Us for more information. 


We know that not all clients have the capacity to pay in full upfront for legal services, but we’re committed to making high-quality legal counsel available to as many entrepreneurs as possible. That’s why we’re proud to offer payment plans and financing options to clients who have tight budgets.

Our payment plans allow entrepreneurs to break the total costs for their legal project into 2, 3, or 4 installments paid bi-weekly. For clients who need to spread out payments over a longer period of time, we partner with Affirm so that our clients can get the funds to cover their legal costs immediately and repay Affirm on a schedule of their choosing (up to 24 months).

If you need help with payment, please let us know! We are flexible on payment options because we never want costs to be a barrier to working with us.

Legal Costs

The following rates are estimates for a typical matter. Some matters may require different or additional work, which will require an adjustment in fees.


Trademark Services

We help entrepreneurs & businesses to protect their trademark rights by filing applications, responding to office actions, dealing with disputes, and monetizing their brands. 

Other Business Services

We help entrepreneurs & businesses to set up LLCs, negotiate contracts, file copyrights, and more. Plus, we offer  ongoing legal assistance through affordable monthly plans.

Trademark Services

government filings
Trademark Applications

This service includes a pre-filing clearance search to identify trademark conflicts, a legal opinion letter as the availability of the trademark for registration, and preparation and filing of a federal trademark application.

$650 – $5,650, depending on the package you select. Please click here for details.

U.S Patent & Trademark Office Filing Fee Per Class: $350. At least one class is required to file a trademark application. This cost is included in all our trademark packages.

government filings
Trademark Office Action Responses

This service includes the preparation of a legal response to an office action for clients who did not work with Mitton Law to file their trademarks. An office action is an initial refusal to register a trademark issued by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. 

Administrative office actions: Starting at $350. Examples of adminstrative office actions include: 

    • You’re required to add a disclaimer
    • You need to add or remove a class
    • You have to amend your application to the Supplemental Register
    • You’ve been asked to  submit a new specimen

Substantive office actions: Starting at $2000. Examples of substantive office actions include:

    • There’s a likelihood of confusion between your trademark and one or more other trademarks
    • Your trademark is merely descriptive
    • Your trademark fails to function as a trademark
    • Your trademark is primarily merely a surname

Not sure whether you’ve receive an administrative or substantive office action? Complete our Vibe Check form for detailed fee info.

Varies, depending on the issues the USPTO identifies in the office action. Examples of common types of expenses include:

  • Adding classes to application: $350 per class
  • Dividing an application: $100 per request & $350 per class
  • Amending an application to allege use: $100 per class
enforcement of rights
Trademark Monitoring

After you register a trademark, it’s your responsibility to be on the lookout for any other trademarks that could conflict with yours and confuse your customers and clients. Trademark monitoring is designed to do exactly that: identifying potentially infringing trademarks so that you can respond quickly to enforce your legal rights and protect your intellectual property.

$75 per month


enforcement of rights
Cease & Desist Letters

This service includes legal help to assess whether trademark infringement has occurred and: 1) to send a cease and desist letter if someone else is infringing on your brand or 2) to respond to a cease and desist letter that someone has sent you for infringing on their brand. 

Starting at $750


enforcement of rights
Online Infringement

This service includes legal assistance to communicate with Internet platforms such as social media websites or online marketplaces to remove pages that infringe on your trademark or to respond to the removal of your pages based on someone else’s claims of trademark infringement.

Starting at $500


Trademark Oppositions

This service includes assistance to: 1) respond to a claim from another trademark owner that your trademark application should not be approved or 2) to file a claim blocking another trademark’s approval because it conflicts with your rights. Trademark oppositions are lawsuits, and like all lawsuits, the overall costs can be unpredictable.

Starting at $1,500


Trademark Cancellations

This service includes assistance to cancel a trademark registration that conflicts with your legal rights or to respond to a cancellation proceeding that has been initated against your trademark registration. Trademark cancellations are lawsuits, and like all lawsuits, the overall costs can be unpredictable.

Starting at $3,000

Varies, depending on how the cancellation is initiated.

Government filings
Trademark Renewals

This service includes assistance to make filings with the USPTO to keep trademark registrations active between the 5th & 6th year after registration, between the 9th & 10th years after registeration, and every 10 years after that. 

$375 per filing

Varies, based on the type of filing.

  • Section 8 filing: $225 per class
    •  (due 5-6 years after registration, 9-10 years after registration, and every 10 years after that)

  • Section 15 filing: $200 per class
    • (due 5-6 years after registration)

  • Section 9 filing: $300 per class
    • (due 9-10 years after registration and every 10 years after that.)

Business Services

*With the exception of copyright projects, these services are primarily for clients in New York and are only available to clients outside of New York on a case-by-case basis.

corporate law
LLC Formation

This service includes filing the Articles of Organization, drafting an operating agreement and initial resolutions, and completing publication and more.

$1050 – $5050, depending on the package you choose. Click here to view our LLC packages.

Articles of Organization Filing Fee: $200

Publication: $400 – $2000 (based on county in which LLC is located).

intellectual property law
Copyright Application

This service includes the legal review of the materials to be copyrighted to ensure that they are eligible for copyright protection & preparation of a federal copyright application.

$650-$5,650, depending on your chosen package. Click here to view copyright packages.

$45 – $65 per copyright application. A complete listing of fees charged by the U.S. Copyright Office may be found here.

intellectual property law
DMCA Takedowns

This service includes preparing the required legal notice and taking the appropriate steps to get infringing content removed from the Internet in accordance with procedures provided for by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. 

Starting at $1,000


contract law
Drafting Agreements

This service includes drafting (and negotiation, if applicable) of a general business agreement as well as revisions to the agreement.

$3000 – $10,000, depending on the package you choose. Click here to view our contract drafting packages.


Reviewing Agreements

This service includes a legal review of a general business agreement and a legal opinion about the agreement. Additional services may be included, depending on the package you select.

$1750 – $4750, depending on the package you choose. Click here to view our contract review packages.


corporate law
Business Dissolution

This service includes help to wind down an existing business, including terminating contracts, documenting necessary owner approvals, and filing documentation with the Department of State, among others.

Starting at $2,500

Certificate of Dissolution for Corporations: $60

Articles of Dissolution for LLCs: $60

on-demand legal services
Stress Less Subscription

This service includes monthly consults, unlimited written correspondence with your attorney, discounted services, and more – all for the same, monthly rate. Use as much or a little of the plan’s services as needed, and never worry about unpredictable legal fees. 

$250 – $1000 per month, based on subscription tier. Click here to view subscription tiers.

As needed.

Why Choose Mitton Law?

Figuring out which attorney to hire can be challenging when there are so many options. Here are some things to consider when evaluating whether to work with us. Our clients have chosen us because of our:


Few things are worse for clients than having a lawyer who they don’t understand. When we communicate with or create a work product for our clients, we aim to be as clear and thorough as possible so that we leave no questions unanswered.


Budgeting for legal services can be a challenge when you work with an attorney who only bills hourly. It’s almost impossible to determine how much a particular project will cost you. But we prioritize the use of flat fees so that our clients know exactly what to expect in terms of costs.


Even with flat fees, we know that high-quality legal representation may seem inaccessible to some clients with restricted budgets. We understand cash flow challenges & offer flexible payment plans that allow our clients to break up the payment of fees into manageable chunks that work for them.


Our clients are trailblazers, charting their own course through new terrain. We provide innovative solutions to their legal issues & inventive strategies for their operations. Plus, we’re always seeking new ways to practice law & help our clients.


In the DIY legal age, it can be hard to know who to trust. But instead of working with some faceless corporation,  our clients know exactly who their attorney is & what her credentials are, so they can be confident that they are receiving the best possible legal representation.


Gone are the days when you had to meet your attorney in person & exchange paper documents. We believe in using industry-leading technology to create a seamless client experience. Our clients can communicate with us confidentially & access their case file from any Internet-connected device through our client portal.

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