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Bundle business formation, contracts, and trademark services to save on legal costs while tripling your legal protections. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!

Starting your own business is like going on a wild and unpredictable safari through an unknown yet exciting world.

Imagine this – you're out there in the wild world of business, like a safari explorer in the untamed savannah of entrepreneurship. It's a jungle out there, full of buzzing ideas and opportunities. Your journey is all about charting your course through this vast landscape and seizing the essence of your one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial adventure.

So you start by brainstorming to pick the perfect business name, working hard to set up your online presence, and hustling to get everything else in line. It's a whirlwind, and it's exhilarating.

But before you leap into this amazing journey, there's an essential pit stop that could make or break your expedition.

You see, it's not just about choosing the coolest name or having the flashiest website. It's about ensuring that your business is rock-solid from a legal standpoint right from the get-go.

Not Building A Solid Legal Foundation for Your New Business Is Like Going On A Safari


Here's What That Looks Like:

Facing The Wild Unprepared

Glossing over legal issues can leave you exposed to financial risks, legal disputes, and competitors who encroach on your territory. It's like going into the business wilderness without a map, compass, or shelter.

Dealing With Unknown Dangers

Without legal protection, every decision is a potential liability, every interaction with competitors is a cause for concern, and every financial move is a source of anxiety. Things could go wrong at any time.

Feeling Stressed & Hopeless

Neglecting the legal stuff can leave you feeling insecure. You'd be going through life with cloud of doubt hovering overhead because you're not sure about what you're doing or how to protect yourself.

But as a new entrepreneur, you're probably working with a tight budget. Affordable legal help may seem out of reach.

Introducing Our Revolutionary Service Bundle For Founders

Launch With Legal

The Ultimate Legal Support For Your Entrepreneurial Safari

Let's take a closer look at the bundle and why these services are important, the way a safari adventurer would.

Secure Your Camp (LLC Formation):
In the wild, you'd establish a secure base camp to protect yourself. In the business world, that base camp is your business entity, such as a limited liability company (or LLC). Creating an LLC means your personal assets are shielded from the wild beasts of debt and legal troubles. So, even if your safari encounters some rough terrain, your savings and personal belongings remain safe and secure inside your protected camp.

Chart Your Course (Website Contracts):
As the entrepreneur who's taking this wild adventure by starting a business, your customers & clients are fellow travelers joining you for the ride. So imagine your website contracts as the trusty GPS guiding your journey through the digital wilds. They spell out the dos and don'ts for people who visit your website, creating a clear roadmap for how things work. Without them, it's a bit like stumbling around in the wilderness without a map, which can lead to confusion and conflicts for both you and your customers & clients.

Mark Your Territory (Trademark Filing):
Out in the savannah, you'd mark your territory to claim it as your own. In the business realm, that's your trademark. It's your way of declaring, "This territory is MINE, and no one else can roam here." Trademarks protect the names, taglines, and logos you choose to help clients & customers recognize your business. With a trademark, you carve out a unique identity for your business that makes it stand out from all your competitors. It's like your distinctive roar!

How Are The Services Structured?

At Mitton Law, we’re all about creating innovative solutions to the problems that entrepreneurs face. So that’s why we developed the Launch With Legal Bundle: a 9-month legal services payment plan option that brings high quality legal help within reach for entrepreneurs with tight budgets.

But this isn’t your typical payment plan, where you pay and pay and pay and only get help once you’ve paid in full. We’ve structured the program to  deliver legal services that help new entrepreneurs build a strong legal foundation for their businesses with a budget-friendly approach. 

The 9-month program is broken up into 3 quarters, which includes a legal consultation and a project for each quarter. Quarterly projects include LLC set-up, creation of website terms & conditions and a privacy policy, and filing a trademark application.

Launchers in the program also have access to unlimited messaging in the Mitton Law client portal to ask those quick legal questions that always pop when you’re getting a new business off the ground. 

This is an opportunity to get your legal house in order with an attorney on your team – at a fixed cost!

What's Included In The Bundle?

The Launch With Legal Bundle includes the following services:

  • assistance to create an LLC that has ONE owner
  • help to create an LLC operating agreement
  • support to apply for an EIN with the IRS
  • help to complete the publication process for LLC, if required in your state
  • assistance to create terms & conditions and a privacy policy for your website
  • assistance to prepare and file your federal trademark application in one class, mapped with our Essentials Trademark Package
  • quarterly consultations with your attorney about legal & operational issues during the 9-month program 
  • unlimited messaging with your attorney in the Mitton Law client portal while the bundled legal services are pending
  • government filing fees required to create your LLC and file your federal trademark application in one class (but does not include newspaper publication fees if required for your business – not sure what this means? Ask us!)

How Much Does The Bundle Cost?

The Launch With Legal Bundle is priced at $350 per month during the 9 month program. 

Combining these services via the bundle gives entrepreneurs a discount of over 50%, compared to what it would cost to do all 3 services at the same time outside of the bundle

How Can I Qualify For This Program?

There are three simple requirements to enroll in the Launch With Legal Bundle. You must:

  • be a solo entrepreneur who is setting up an LLC with one owner
  • operate your business from a state where the bundle is offered
  • be willing to sign up for automatic payments of the monthly fee


Where Is The Bundle Offered?

The Launch With Legal Bundle is available to entrepreneurs all over the United States EXCEPT FOR the following states: Colorado, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Georgia, New Jersey, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, & Wyoming.

Get Started

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